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Back To Zero...?

Current Status

Rockin' Nippon is more or less closed as of right now as the last update was about eight months ago.  I (Ayay) have been without an actual computer since for about a year that wasn't an ancient relic, a shared gaming computer, or one of my nephews' computer.  I finally replaced my previous laptop with a new one a few months back.

I've been thinking about restarting Rockin' Nippon.  If you don't know, I lost a good chunk of my PV collection early 2017 due to an external hard drive failure (mostly visual kei PVs) and lost mostly my Namie and Kuu PVs on my old laptop that blue screened.  So I'm trying to re-download what I can or purchase the VHSes/DVDs of the release that have the said PVs.

What I'm not changing

If I do end up bringing Rockin' Nippon back, I will be keeping everything more or less the same.  I still enjoy the card template and I don't have any problems with the leveling/ranking system that's currently in place.

What will be changing

I am planning on making everyone re-start over.  I know old members that have kept their cards might be upset over this.  You have to keep in mind that there might be old members that may not have their old cards and that I don't want to discourage new members from joining.

  • Returning members will get a bonus booster pack due to the re-start.

As of right now, we have over 1400 decks on the TCG.  I'm planning on reducing these to about 60 - 80 decks when RN re-opens.  The current themed decks will probably be removed.

The images for the card sets will probably be remade to match the card template since that's been bothering me since last year. 

So what's going to be the 'at-launch' decks?

The plan is right now to pick artists that were considered popular during the previous run of Rockin' Nippon. I will take suggestions into consideration.

Posted on 15 Jul 2018 by Ayay
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