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Level Ups

Singles Collection: Blair, Cassidy

Rank Ups

Seventh Album: Cassidy, Megumi
Ninth Album: Blair


Blair: perfume-istillloveu, tommyheavenly6-ps-ikillmyheart
Cassidy: akb48-beginner
Emoly: momusu-lovemachine
Megumi: gesuotome-killerball, girlsgeneration-paparazzi

Game Updates

Weekly, Group A

Congrats to Blair and Cassidy for reaching the max level! :D

General Announcements

  • If you haven't been here during the week, our forums were temporarily down! Ayay set up the new ones here: http://forums.so-bad-boy.net/index.php . Please sign up, and Ayay will approve you! Thank Ayay for being so quick to put up forums :D
  • Due to the Paradise Forums closing down, Valentine Kiss and Rockin' Charts are cancelled since we lost a month's worth of information.
  • Older Songs: for older songs that were released before music videos were regularly produced, you can submit caps for a live performance instead. Please note that this exception is ONLY for older songs.
  • Featured Artist: I'm not going to reopen the featured artist for this month, since I don't remember who everyone voted for... BUT I do remember who was in lead, so that artist will automatically get featured artist when it comes around!
  • Help us fill in all the missing information on the forums!! Including claims, deck suggestions, etc.
  • A reminder that if you want Ayay to make anything from her incomplete list, or Music Station's old released or unreleased list, poke her on the deck suggestions thread!

Remade Cards

The following cards and master badges were cleaned-up and recropped, mostly because I thought the old ones looked oversharped, I wanted a different crop, or I wanted to adjust the colours. xD All of these are the same pictures, but the differences are pretty minor! I'm pretty much doing this for a bunch of decks, albeit slowly! I KIND OF WENT ON A SPREEEEEEE.


These entire decks were redone:

Deck Releases

Next week is Koharu week, so remember to vote for decks to be released! The voting thread will be in the new forums~.  The Kasai Tomomi deck is the second deck chosen by Blair for winning Rockin' Charts last month!


  • Regular Members may take a total of 6 cards (worth). The KAT-TUN deck is worth 2!
  • Prejoiners may take a total of 7 cards (worth).
  • No more than one card per deck, unless you have the Octo Squeeze pin (which is two per deck)!
  • If you donated one of these decks, you may take an additional card from it on top of the rules above.
  • You are free to take deck release freebies up to a month after this is posted. Donator freebies can be taken with no time limit.
  • Please leave a comment if you take anything.

Question of the Week

Do you like sweets? If so, what's your favourite kind? If not, what kinds of foods do you prefer instead of candy, cakes, etc?

Grab cards spelling out VALENTINE for answering this question (max one per deck; can combine two letters to get a special card if the deck contains both letters -- please note which letters you are using in the logs for special cards if you get any!)

Posted on 15 Feb 2015 by Megumi
by Megumi @ 16 Feb 2015 10:26 am
Taking my pulls for now!\r\nNew Decks: kattun-ps-comehere10, maki-glassnopumps08, maki-glassnopumps18, kalafina-lacrimosa08, kalafina-lacrimosa18, niigakirisa08\r\nDonator: kalafina-lacrimosa20, femm-deadwrong08
by Naomi @ 19 Feb 2015 09:01 pm
I love sweets, especially doughnuts, twix, hersheys kisses, gummi bears~\r\n\r\nNew Decks (prejoin/octo squeeze): maki-glassnopumps04, maki-glassnopumps12, niigakirisa13, niigakirisa17, kasaitomomi10, silentsiren14, femm-deadwrong19\r\nValentine: tommyheavenly6-heavystarrychain13 (v), akb48-beginner06 (a), ayaka-ibelieve12 (l), cute-ps-8queenofjpop01 (e/n), fairies-whiteangel01 (t), boa-shineweare01 (i), cute-bagelnihamcheese01 (n), akb48-keibetsushiteitaaijou03 (e)\r\n\r\nThank you!
by Ayay @ 21 Feb 2015 09:30 am
Donator Bonus: maki-glassnopumps04, doginthepwo-chulipholic12, matsudaseiko11\r\n\r\nDeck Release: maki-glassnopumps13, doginthepwo-chulipholic15, kasaitomomi03, matsudaseiko19, niigakirisa14, femm-deadwrong13, kalafina-lacrimosa12
by Aqua @ 21 Feb 2015 10:57 am
I\'m not a huge candy person but i like fruity things and I really love mints. ^^\r\n\r\nnew decks: kattun-ps-comehere01, maki-glassnopumps01, doginthepwo-chulipholic01, ancafe-natsukoinatsugame01, silentsiren01\r\n\r\nQuestion of the Week (valentine): (v)(l) nishino-ps-lovecollection02 (a) nishinokana13, (e) weathergirls01, (n) girlsgeneration-galaxysupernova01, (t) girlsgeneration03, (i) girlsgeneration-loveandgirls, (n) girlsgeneration-seohyun01, (e) girlsgeneration-jessica01
by Aqua @ 21 Feb 2015 11:00 am
oops meant girlsgeneration-loveandgirls01
by Miki @ 22 Feb 2015 01:04 am
Thank you!!!\r\n\r\nUpdate (New Decks): doginthepwo-chulipholic05, silentsiren05, silentsiren15, niigakirisa05, kasaitomomi12, maki-glassnopumps12, ancafe-natsukoinatsugame12
by Destiny @ 11 Mar 2015 05:21 pm
Catching up with old releases~

Decks: maki-glassnopumps08, ancafe-natsukoinatsugame16, femm-deadwrong14, matsudaseiko12, kasaitomomi06, kalafina-lacrimosa13.

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