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Updates are sporadic at the moment! I will post updates on our official Twitter when I do them! Feel free to play weekly games every week, even if there is no update posted.


There're So Many Many People

New Members Messejji, Mariko, Woody
Level Ups

Third Single: Megumi, Cassidy, Aku
Second Single: Eimii

Game Updated Weekly, Group A
New Affiliate Mystery Sagashi

Ayay (or Megumi) will get to the Group A games in a bit. Updated!

New Layout

I changed the layout again.  This was originally a layout for Music Station, but I never actually used it for Music Station.  The header rotates and there are a total of 80 different headers.  Each header features a different music video that I screencapped. 

A Few Announcements

Most of these are just friendly reminders, but there have been some changes to deck donations.

  1. Donations: Please try to keep the zips/rar files under 250MB if it is possible. We have been getting a lot of 500MB size zips and we like to back-up the files we get on the site so we have a copy if it gets deleted on your end.
  2. Donations: Please make sure the images for group/solo/member decks are medium to high quality pictures only, if possible. We had some donations images which were smaller than 300x300 that were LQ and were unusableIt's okay if you happen to gather pictures for older artists which are harder to find nice quality pictures for, but we shouldn't have to see them in donations for popular, current artists that have been active for 5+ years.
  3. Donations: If an artist is too new or too old that you cannot find enough group pictures, you can donate pictures of the group members for the deck as long as the pictures are uniformed with each other.  We need a mininum of 12 group photos for the deck, though.  You can view the Lycaon deck or the unreleased Color deck to see examples of decks that did not have enough group pictures.
  4. General: You can direct link to the cards, badges, and currency on the site.  This is probably more helpful for members that are not using eTCG.
  5. General: You may take any freebies on the updates up to a month before your join date.  If you have played any of my previous TCGs, you would know this is how I always handle my update freebies.

Forum Activties

These are the current games running on the forums:

There's also a game testing thread on the forums.  Right now, I posted a round of a Distorted Song on the thread and would like some feedback on how easy/hard the game seems to be. 

  • Those participating in Rockin' Charts: don't forget to check the forums for your bonus challenges :).

Deck Release

Here's the regular deck release.  If the artist that wins the Featured Artist activity has enough material for five decks, we will usually split the regular deck release in half. 

Featured Artist :: Malice Mizer

The winner for September's round of Featured Artist was Malice Mizer.  Malice Mizer (along with Hamasaki Ayumi, Morning Musume, Ladies Room, and The Dead Pop Stars) was one of the first Japanese artists I got into over 15 years ago. 

So I am very surprised that people still like them enough to have be the most nominated artist for this month's round.  Usually, if there is enough material for a Featured Artist to have some decks released, there will be only 5 to 10 decks released, but I got a little carried away with decks.  >.>

The only reason why Mana's and Kozi's decks have Malice Mizer instead of their current group is because I have no idea if we will be having any Moi Dix Mois or ZIZ decks in the future.  I can always change those two decks in the future if needed.  Also, if you're a big enough Malice Mizer fan, you will know that Illuminati is a rather risqué video.  So I tried to use to more toned down screencaps I took. 

I totally forgot to say if you master any decks relating to the featured artist before the next artist is posted (which will be next month), you will get a bonus reward of five random cards.  Just either U2U me (Ayay) or Megumi on the forums when you complete your mastery.

Update Freebies

You may take a total card worth of 15, no more than 2 cards per deck.  The Malice Mizer - San Retour Voyage deck has a card worth of 2.  If you donated any of the images for any of the decks, you may take an extra card from the deck(s) you donated.  Remember to comment if you took anything.

Posted on 14 Sep 2014 by Ayay

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