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Melt these arms in the forbidden maze

icon by Megu

Level Ups

Tenth Single: Cami
Fifth Single: Mousey
Sixth Single: Reno
R1: Miki
R5: Naomi
R8: Mariko

Rank Ups

Second Album: Reno
Fifth Album: Cami


Cami: boa, direngrey, ayumi-evolution, cute, boa-dakishimeru
Mariko: hifin-kaiganseisoudanshi, news-hoshiwomezashite, michishigesayumi, yajimamaimi, cute-lalalashiawasenouta, coconuts-jounetsuyukimiraisen, berryz-towanouta, berryz-ps-alohello2013, yaguchimari, cute-imissyou, angerme-otomenogyakushu, berryzxcute-ps-rival, girlsgeneration-galaxysupernova, berryz-romancewokatatte, doasinfinity-desire
Naomi: momusu-mrmoonlightainobigband, girlsgeneration
Reno: ayumi-dearest, ayumi-fairyland, ayumi-ladiesnight, ayumi-m, ayumi-freeandeasy
Woody: kagerou-shizumi

Game Updates

Weekly, Group B

General Announcements

  • Voting: A kind remember to please only vote for one deck per group/artist (per type!). I only release one regular deck per artist every two weeks anyway~.That means you can vote for AKB once for regular and once for special, but not twice for regular or twice for special! Subgroups count as separate artists (you can vote for an AKB48 PV deck, a no3b PV deck and a Itano Tomomi PV deck in the same round~).
  • Forum accounts for newer members: Just a note that I do not have access to accepting new members on the forums (one of the reasons why I moved the voting to the site), so I apologize to those who have been waiting T.T;. If you want to claim something for donations, you can drop me a line through Twitter (either through the official RN twitter or through my own personal one) or through my TCG email (megumi.tcg(at)gmail).
  • Recycling Bin: limit has been increased to 20 card worth! Go crazy!

Event Cards

A bunch of event cards for everyone!! If you somehow missed picking up any achievement event cards with your name on it in the past, they do not expire if they say your name (check your achievement section on your profile). For example, if Cassidy forgets to pick these up before they expire, she is free to pick them up any time even if I took them off the update.

Everyone can take one of each cards below :3


The following people still have pending custom event cards: Aqua, Naomi, Mousey!


Wish on a Wing

"I wish for everyone to spell out "HOPE FOR A CURE" because we found out my dad has cancer and like everyone who is suffering with it, we're hoping for a cure!" - Mosaic

So everyone can grab cards spelling that out, with a limit of TWO per deck!

Deck Releases

Please remember that I release decks based on votes (and if I do not get enough votes, I tend to release old donations that have been sitting around), that means that Jrock will usually have a smaller ratio of releases since we have a smaller percentage of RN players that listen to Jrock. Just remember to vote, and I will know which decks to release for the Jrock listeners! ;D. Because I honestly don't know which ones you guys will actually collect, even though Ayay made tonnns of Jrock decks.



  • Regular Members may take a total of 6 cards (worth). The Kamikyokutachi deck is worth 2!
  • Prejoiners may take a total of 7 cards (worth).
  • No more than one card per deck, unless you have the Octo Squeeze pin (which is two per deck)!
  • If you have the Snail Squeeze pin, you can take an extra card (worth 1) from any deck above.
  • You are free to take deck release freebies up to two months after this is posted.
  • If you donated one of these decks, you may take an additional card from it on top of the rules above (no time limit).
  • Please leave a comment if you take anything.

Question of the Week

Do you guys use any specific site to look at the Japanese releases from the past month? I usually make the donation cards out of release covers from the month, but the site I use hasn't updated for the past few months... and I wanted to make Jrock donation cards too, so Oricon would be no good for anything other than mainstream Jpop T.T;;. Grab 50 notes if you have any suggestions!!

Posted on 01 Nov 2015 by Megumi

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