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Updates are sporadic at the moment! I will post updates on our official Twitter when I do them! Feel free to play weekly games every week, even if there is no update posted.


I dun wannna cryyyyyyy no moreee. I dun wanna cryyy cryy cryyyy~

New Affiliates

(Please refer Megumi if you join ;D)

New Members

Vaini, Syara, Aiko (welcome!)

Level Ups

Second Single: Aqua
Third Single: Ayay
Eighth Single: Miki
Tenth Single: Emoly

Rank Ups

Second Album: Miki
Sixth Album: Megumi, Cassidy, Emoly
Seventh Album: Blair


Blair: itanotomomi, momusu-mikaeribijin
Cassidy: cnblue-yonghwa, perfume-sweetrefrain, cnblue-truth
Eimii: namie-ps-pastfuture, asaokamegumi, weathergirls
Emoly: malicemizer-kami, 2pm-takeoff, malicemizer-illuminati, showayanocozey, malicemizer-aurevoir, malicemizer-belair, malicemizer-mana, girlsgeneration-loveandgirls
Megumi: utada-automatic, perfume-ps-game
Miki: akb48-ps-tsuginoashiato, otsuka-daisukidayo, akb48-aitakatta
Naomi: alicenine, kara-electricboy, ayumi-ps-rainbow, fairies

Game Updates

Weekly, Group B

Three new members this week~ welcome to all ^^/.

General Announcements

  • Monthly Pins Usage: this is a cute reminder that monthly pins last 4 weeks of use (rather than lasting a entire month from the 1st to the 1st)! So if there are 5 sundays in one month, it will only last for 4 of those sundays if you use it each of those weeks.
  • Ayay has taken over a two sections of the forums as of last week: CD Shop and Card Exchange. Don't be surprised that you're getting responses from her! :D I marked her name beside the sub-forums, for your information~
  • S/mileage & ANGERME: Based on the feedback in regards to S/mileage and ANGERME in the past month, we will not be remaking any of the S/mileage decks. Once the new generation under the new name has enough photos, it will have a separate deck. However, the two group's decks will be under the same page name! Thank you everyone who commented! :D
  • Levels Revamp: According to the survey from two weeks ago, it was kind of 50/50 for people who wanted a larger gap and those who were fine with how it is now with more people wanting a bigger gap for later levels. As a result, there will only be a small adjustment to the early levels and a bigger one to the later ones~. In short: first three levels have 100 card gap, next three 200 card gap, last three 300 card gap. :) I moved people already, soooo everyone who was level 4 or higher was deleveled by one~ There's also an eleventh level nowwwwww!!
  • Rolly's Radio Station & Listening Corner: I finally have these redone, so head to the forums to take part in them! If you're like me and enjoy listening and reviewing new music, you'll probably enjoy the small listening corner! I apologize for those who aren't huge fans of slower songs since the current theme (Love Songs) is kind of a magnet for slower songs ^^;;;.
  • It's the first, so as usual, The Used Bin and Photo Trading's piles have been refreshed!

As a cute bonus, everyone can grab a member card from someone who is either inactive or has quit~.

Ayay's Edit

*sneaks into the post* Hiya!  As I am back, I am leaving a friendly reminder that if you see any decks you want to collect on my incomplete list that's located on the upcoming deck page to comment on the deck suggestions & request thread.  I will be more likely to make those decks faster if I know someone wants to collect them.  If you see anything on the old Music Station card page or upcoming card page, you can request those, too! 

Event Cards

Everyone can take these two! There will be one for last month's Rockin' Charts next week! I made a cute card for Ayay's return also ;D.


If you donated ANYTHING last month, take this if I forgot to give it to you:

If you maxed out deck donations last month with 5 regular and 1 photoshoot (Blair, Cassidy, Miki), take this if I forgot!:

If you have a birthday in February, take this! There will also be goodies posted on the birthday thread for you :).

Featured Artist & Deck Releases

This month's featured artist, AS DETERMINED BY A COIN TOSS (all hail the almighty quarter that sits next to my desk) is Nakashima Mika!!! I'm excited because I love her, but tired because I had to frantically make a bunch of decks since we didn't have any!! 6 new decks from Mika, and the rest are random artists~. Please remember to vote (on the forums) for decks you want released next week! It's Koharu week next week!! If you recently joined, I approved your forum account already!


  • Regular Members may take a total of 9 cards (worth). The No More Rules and Nishino Kana deck are worth 2!
  • Prejoiners may take a total of 10 cards (worth).
  • No more than one card per deck, unless you have the Octo Squeeze pin (which is two per deck)!
  • If you donated one of these decks, you may take an additional card from it on top of the rules above.
  • You are free to take deck release freebies up to a month after this is posted. Donator freebies can be taken with no time limit.
  • Please leave a comment if you take anything.

Question of the Week

I need some ideas on what to call the final level! If you checked the new values for levels, there's now an eleventh level to match what I did with the ranks where you get a customized level badge ;D. But I can't think of any good names for the level! T.T; For example, the last level for the ranks is "Best Album"! Any ideas?! :D

For answering this question, you get (25) music notes plus two regular choice cards that are either numbers 05, 10, 15 or 20 (only two cards in total!)! :D

Posted on 01 Feb 2015 by Megumi

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