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Updates are sporadic at the moment! I will post updates on our official Twitter when I do them! Feel free to play weekly games every week, even if there is no update posted.


Working a bunch of overtime sucks

Sept. 25th Edit

As Hello!Project announced yesterday that S/mileage will be getting a name change soon, all of the released and unreleased decks will be changed to the new name once they announce it.

Also, I know Morning Musume's newest MVs are being released within the next couple of weeks on TV/Youtube (Tiki Bun aired on yesterday's Hello!Station), please wait until the singles are release as I would prefer to have the DVD/long versions to be made for the decks as to opposed to the promotional/TV versions. 

Last, Dreamhost moved what server my domain is hosted on. So if there is any problems with the site, contact one of us and we will try to fix it.


Level Ups

Second Single: Miki, Emoly

Third Single: Naomi, Becca

Fourth Single: Cassidy

Masteries Cassidy: AKB48 - Sugar Rush
Game Updates  Weekly, Group B

Super sorry on the disappearing act I've been doing.  I've been working a butt-load of overtime the last couple of weeks.  >.>  But I've been working on small things here and there, like three new games.  The rest of the update will come later, as long as my computer doesn't crap out...  Yay!  It hasn't crapped out, yet!

I also just realized all of the icons I have for the TCG I made like 3 to 4 years ago.  O.o;;  I guess I really need to make some or start a monthly contest or something for icons.  Also, the games have been updated before the decks were released for a change. 

Event cards for the new layout plus First Mastery will be posted tomorrow.

If anyone other than Cassidy mastered something before today, please contact Megumi if you are taking part of the Rockin' Charts activity.  We forgot to fix that form when we fixed all of the other forms. 

Forum Activities

There are a bunch of new games, including a create-a-deck and a music-sharing forum game! Please check them out! Also remember to check out the A to Z from last week to see if you won one of five grand prizes. The current round of Card Kingdom ends soon.

New Games

Like I said earlier, I have added three audio games.  I think these rounds might be too hard, especially for Tie-Ins and Panned Vocals.  Those two are just filler rounds and that upcoming rounds should be easier.  However, for this one time, I'll give hints to these games:

  1. All of the songs are by artists that formed in the '80s and disbanded before 2001.  All of these groups have reunited since their disbandment.
  2. The song for Tie-Ins is done by one of my favorite groups.  The song is from a older, but very popular Shounen Jump series that has a rather popular live action adaptation. 
  3.  The metal band for the remix game had a rather unique concept for the band.  Sometimes, they were mistaken as a visual kei group when they had more connections to the Japametal scene.  The vocalist is probably most known for being in his demon character whenever he is in public.
  4. The Panned Vocals song is done by a well known group that was apart of the "East Extasy" scene/Extasy Records.  At least two of the members are married, one of them has a wife that was known for being in anothr well known group.

Hopefully, these hints aren't giving away too much. 

Event Cards

All members can take both of the new event cards.  Sorry for posting them a little late~

~ Moved to the next update ~

Deck Release

This weeks rules are: You may take a total of five cards (worth), no more than one card from a deck.  Cards from the Morning Musume - Rainbow 7 deck are worth two cards. If you donated any of the decks, you may take an extra card from the deck(s) you submitted pictures for. Please comment on what you take!

The Not-So Weekly Question

What song is currently stuck in your head?  For me, it has to be The Yellow Monkey's "Love Love Show".  You may take one card with a card worth of 1 for answering.

Posted on 21 Sep 2014 by Ayay

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