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Updates are sporadic at the moment! I will post updates on our official Twitter when I do them! Feel free to play weekly games every week, even if there is no update posted.



Notes about the cards section:

  • Japanese names are written in Last Name - First Name order.
  • Western names are written First Name - Last Name order (e.g. Angela Aki, Crystal Kay).
  • One-time shuffle groups will be listed under the company/group name (e.g. Hello! Project, 48 Group).
  • Certain subgroups will be listed under their main group name (e.g. Morning Musume Sakuragumi is under Morning Musume, AKB48 (Team A) is under AKB48).
  • Groups that have changed their name will be listed under their most recent name (e.g. S/mileage is under ANGERME).

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