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Updates are sporadic at the moment! I will post updates on our official Twitter when I do them! Feel free to play weekly games every week, even if there is no update posted.



Weekly Games

Battle of the Bands Let us battle it out!
Chu Chu The classic tic-tac-toe game!
Hello! Memory Simple memory game with a Hello! Project theme.
Musical Chairs What chair will you get?
Pick an Ikemen Pick your favorite~!
Rock Puzzle Figure out this rock-themed puzzle!
Star Match Got any of these cards?
Take a Chance on Me Wanna take a gamble?
The Used Bin Looks like someone didn't want these any more.
Photo Trading Wanna trade cards with the TCG?

Biweekly Games

Koharu's Deck Voting Vote for deck you would like released in the coming weeks (usually biweekly).
Wish on a Wing Have a wish? Max two wishes a month.

Tri-weekly Game Rotation

Group A

GameLast Updated
Song Scramble11 Jun 17
Meet and Greet11 Jun 17
Freeze Frame11 Jun 17
Distorted11 Jun 17
Tie-ins11 Jun 17

Group B

GameLast Updated
Album Collective18 Jun 17
Missing Lyrics18 Jun 17
Director's Cut18 Jun 17
Fashion Police18 Jun 17
On The Radio18 Jun 17

Group C

GameLast Updated
Tracklisting25 Jun 17
Album Art25 Jun 17
Celebrity Sighting25 Jun 17
Trivia25 Jun 17
Panned Vocals25 Jun 17

Featured Artist

Extra Activities

Trading with Maru Help Maru master some decks!
CD Shop Fill in stamp cards; earn CDs!
Forum Games Misc. forum games to pass your time! Includes biweekly deck release voting and the monthly featured artist voting.
Pin Shop Buy cards and power-ups using your notes!
Doubles Exchange Trade in your doubles!
Recycling BinTrade in your unwanted cards!
Donate Want to images donate for future decks?

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