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Ninth Single: Eimii
Tenth Single: Blair, Megumi, Cassidy

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Fourth Album: Eimii
Sixth Album: Blair


Blair: perfume, momusu-onnatootokonolullabygame, buono-renairider
Cassidy: girlsgeneration-ps-flowerpower
Eimii: nakagawashoko, gesuotome-parallelspec, girlsgeneration-ps-japan1stalbum, gesuotome-killerball
Emoly: kishidan, sakuraiatsushi
Megumi: namie-wishingonthesamestar
Naomi: ayaka

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Weekly, Group C


General Announcements

  • FYI, you can pre-order CDs to the CD shop, and it'll make it a bit faster for me to process your CD shop orders so that they'll be made when you submit them in! There's no limit at the moment, but please be reasonable with the amount you give me~. I would have announced this earlier but I'm a bit scattered brained...
  • Remember to vote for Featured Artist! And remember to share your favourite songs from the current featured artist if you haven't done so yet on the appropriate forum thread!
  • Rolly's Radio Station is back! Please submit some songs that follow a theme so we can do a round :3
  • Together Forever's round is reset this week, so please submit more pictures!
  • Remember to log your points in Rockin' Charts on the forums if you want to participate!
  • The past weeks I may have moved or renamed a few event cards, so if you're direct linking them, I'm sorry T.T;. I like organizing stuff and making names more consistent...

AND EVENT CARDS! Everyone may take these. Congratulations to Blair on being the first person to reach Tenth Single (and beating most of our prejoiners teehee)!


Card Fixes

Please note that the nana-massivewonder deck is now called nana-massivewonders, with an extra 's' at the end. It was previously written wrong in the filename! Please make the changes to any cards that you have in your collection :).

Deck Releases

Next week is Koharu week again!! Remember to vote! And please vote for featured artist if you haven't done so yet!

  • You may take a total of 5 cards (worth). The Kalafina deck is worth 2!
  • Prejoiners may take an additional card (worth 1) from the releases.
  • No more than one card per deck, unless you have the Octo Squeeze pin (which is two per deck)!
  • If you donated one of these decks, you may take an additional card from it on top of the rules above.
  • You are free to take deck release freebies up to a month after this is posted. Donator freebies can be taken with no time limit.
  • Please leave a comment if you take anything.

Question of the Week

What do you think of the pacing for the TCG? I might redo the levels in the future so that it takes a bit longer to level up, but right now it took Cassidy and me three months to get to the max level, and it took Blair two months (u cray gurl), and that's because we grab cards pretty much every week and both Blair and Cassidy max out their donations, etc. I'd like a slightly bigger card pool (i.e. more regular random card rewards), but a maybe a much bigger gap for levels? Of course I'd be nice to have more active members for a bigger card pool, but gotta work with what we've got, and that's around 10 active members at a time~. That said, I'm increasing random card rewards for certain games over time as well ^^. Thoughts? :D

You can take one special/photoshoot card for answering this question!

Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by Megumi
by Blair @ 18 Jan 2015 06:03 am
OMG the event card! ;o; SO PRETTY, thank you!

I'd definitely welcome more random cards! I think increasing the level requirements would be good, maybe a bit more towards the last few levels, as it suddenly jumps to 500 cards per additional level atm. That being said, I'm a crazy hoarder, so I guess there have been more chances for me to progress, maybe? I'm embarrassed when I look at my future section, I have a problem ._.

I'll be back for pulls~

QotW: tommyheavenly6-ps-ikillmyheart01
Event Cards: event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle
by Miki @ 18 Jan 2015 08:46 am
Wooooooo shiny things! Thank you!!

Increasing the level requirements would be good, I think. As much as I love leveling up every other week practically, I think it might be more fun with a bigger gap. And of course, random cards are always always fun! It's exciting seeing a card from a deck you're collecting and wondering if it's one you need or not! At least to me it is.......:D

Update (New Decks): akb48-ginghamcheck01, akb48-ginghamcheck15 (Donated), no3b15, cyntia-returntomyself01, cyntia-returntomyself15 (Donated), fukumuramizuki01, sid-alibi08

Update (Events): event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle

Update (QotW): akb48-ps-tsuginoashiato10
by Eimii @ 18 Jan 2015 02:13 pm
for me personally it hasn't been too bad. i've slowed down a bit and i forget to play the games every week. lol. i also cant play most forum games now but thats why most of the cards i get are from staff pay. sometimes it takes me awhile but once i do master or level/rank up it sets off this chain of events lol. i think increasing level requirements would be good...or maybe just adding more levels in general?

deck releases: olivia-colorofyourspoon18, olivia-colorofyourspoon03 (octosqueeze), iu-mondayafternoon03, akb48-ginghamcheck13, no3b15
prejoin: fukumuramizuki17
question of the week: namie-ps-pastfuture01
by Mariko @ 18 Jan 2015 06:43 pm
New cards: akb48-ginghamcheck08, no3b13, fukumuramizuki03, kattun-comehere19, olivia-colorofyourspoon11
by Cassidy @ 18 Jan 2015 08:10 pm
Honestly, I collected enough cards to level up at a much faster pace than I actually did just because I was waiting until I needed to use choice cards before submitting some level up forms lol. That being said, I do think it'd be a good idea to increase the card requirement for the higher levels (maybe 7th - 10th Single?) so it won't be too hard for the more relaxed/less active players but for those who are really active/eager to level up, they have to put in more work (which they probably wouldn't mind either?) which makes it more challenging.

I'm also all for more random cards being given out! You can never have too much trade fodder and more chances to get those cards you may need. ^^

Also, thank you for the update! And releasing more decks I want to collect! I nearly cry whenever you release a KAT-TUN deck... orz

- Event Cards: event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle
- New Decks (w/Octo Squeeze): akb48-ginghamcheck11, akb48-ginghamcheck19, no3b11, no3b16, kattun-comehere02
- Prejoin Bonus: kattun-comehere11
- Donations: no3b19, kattun-comehere18
- Question of the Week: kattun-ps-infact02
by Megumi @ 19 Jan 2015 03:20 pm
Event Cards: event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle
New Decks (Octo Squeeze): kalafina-ps-consolation08, iu-mondayafternoon08, iu-mondayafternoon18, olivia-colorofyourspoon08, olivia-colorofyourspoon18
Donator: kalafina-ps-consolation03
by Blair @ 20 Jan 2015 10:50 am
New Decks: fukumuramizuki02, fukumuramizuki09, fukumuramizuki10 (donator), no3b03, no3b13, akb48-ginghamcheck16

Thank you!
by Michele @ 20 Jan 2015 01:39 pm
The pacing is fine for me...but I play so casually that I don't level fast XD

New Decks: kalafina-ps-consolation09, akb48-ginghamcheck11, no3b19, fukumuramizuki03

Event Cards: event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle

thank you!! :D
by Naomi @ 21 Jan 2015 12:26 pm
New Decks (+ prejoin/octo squeeze): event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle, alicenine-rainbows04, alicenine-rainbows16, kattun-comehere09, no3b15, fukumuramizuki03, akb48-ginghamcheck10

The pacing's fine for me. I haven't been playing as much as before, so I don't feel like I'm leveling up too quickly or anything. Increasing the card requirement wouldn't be a bad idea, either, though.

Question of the Week: auymi-ps-rainbow03

Thank you!
by Emoly @ 21 Jan 2015 06:24 pm
The pacing seems normal for tcgs. If you're a really active player you're going to level up faster than someone who is semi-casual.

Event Cards: event-fanclubsopened, event-firsttenthsingle
New Decks (Octo-Squeeze Pin): sid-alibi01, sid-alibi02, iu-mondayafternoon18, kattun-comehere12, fukumuramizuki13
Question of the Week: olivia-thecloudydreamer05

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