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Level Ups

Second Single: Rite-aid
Third Single: Amanda
Ninth Single: Destiny

Game Updates

Weekly, Group B

General Announcements

  • New layout!! I really liked the outfits for Kimi wa Melody, and I had time after midterms, so I put up a new layout!! :D I also like acchan...
  • Gimme more Sweater pictures! Just reset the round again, so send me more pictures for this cute deck :3


Event Cards

To make it easier, these event cards expire with the rest of this update now, instead of a month like it used to be! So you have two months to pick these up now! :D We also reached 1000 decks?? I love you all ok.

The following can be picked up if you donated during February. Take the first if you donated anything, and take both if you maxed out your deck donations! No expiry :)

And march babies can take this!

Wish on a Wing

Destiny wished: "Two choice cards from a deck we have no cards from yet?"

So take any two cards from a deck that you have no cards from yet!

and since I haven't given you guys mass choice cards in awhile, this wish is appropriate since Berryz is the featured artist this month~

Mariko wished: "Cards spelling BERRYZ KOUBOU because I miss them ;;"

Max two cards per deck!

Deck Releases

Featured artist this month is Berryz Koubou! Koharu votes have been reset, so please vote away :3


  • Regular Members may take a total of 10 cards (worth). The Yuuya and Seasonz decks are worth 2!
  • Prejoiners may take a total of 11 cards (worth).
  • No more than one card per deck, unless you have the Octo Squeeze pin (which is two per deck)!
  • If you have the Snail Squeeze pin, you can take an extra card (worth 1) from any deck above.
  • You are free to take deck release freebies up to two months after this is posted.
  • If you donated one of these decks, you may take an additional card from it on top of the rules above (no time limit).
  • Please leave a comment if you take anything.
Posted on 28 Feb 2016 by Megumi
by Destiny @ 28 Feb 2016 05:26 pm
Wish on a Wing (Destiny): daigo-mugenrebirth12, daigo-mugenrebirth13.

Wish on a Wing (Mariko): miki-boyfriend01, heysayjump-weekender02, arashi-sakura13, sexyzone-kiminihitomebore16, psychiclover11, sexyzone-kiminihitomebore10, news-chankapana18, nicotouchesthewalls15, tegoshiyuya12, miki-boyfriend03, psychiclover08, tegoshiyuya20.

Also grabbing the event cards, thank you!
by Amanda @ 29 Feb 2016 12:41 am
Wish on a Wing (Destiny): boa-dakishimeru07, boa-dakishimeru14
Wish on a Wing (Mariko): BERRYZ – momusu-brainstorming19, momusu-sexyboy04, momusu-passwordis015, momusu-passwordis020, miyavi10, femm-fxxkboyzgetmoney08

Will be back later for KOUBOU and the event cards, thanks!!
by Naomi @ 29 Feb 2016 03:55 pm
New Decks (prejoin/pins): event-featuredartist18, event-layout09, event-1000decks, event-mar16birthday, berryz-specialgeneration08, berryz-specialgeneration15, berryz-mottozuttoisshoniitakatta11, berryz-goldenchinatown10, berryz-sayonarausotsukinowatashi02, berryz-otonananoyo04, tokunagachinami12, sudoumaasa17, shimizusaki15, berryz-ps-seasonzwinter04, psycholecemu-with02
Wish on a Wing (Mariko): boa-betheone02, hangryandangry-topsecret11, laruku-drinkitdown12, laruku-drinkitdown13, hangryandangry-topsecret13, alicenine-stargazer03, utada-finaldistance06, ayaka-realvoice06, utada-finaldistance15, boa-betheone03, ayaka-realvoice01, hamasakiayumi04

Thank you!
by Ariad @ 29 Feb 2016 06:13 pm
- New Decks: psycholecemu-with03, kagrra-naoki05, fictionjunction-parallelhearts05, babymetal-megitsune03, berryz-sudoumaasa20, berryz-goldenchinatown08, berryz-otonananoyo17, raphael-lostgraduation14, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3001
- Wish on a Wing (Destiny): mucc-libra13, mucc-libra06
- Wish on a Wing (Mariko): bucktick08, merry05, merry13, direngrey-die07, direngrey-die15, onmyoza-aokidokugan19, bucktick19, merry-violetharenchi08, onmyoza-aokidokugan07, mucc-libra14, merry-violetharenchi12, mucc-libra05

by Reno @ 02 Mar 2016 11:16 am
- New Decks: tokunagachinami07, tokunagachinami08, sudoumaasa16, sudoumaasa17, shimizusaki05, shimizusaki06, berryz-specialgeneration06, berryz-specialgeneration07, berryz-mottozuttoisshoniitakatta13, berryz-mottozuttoisshoniitakatta14
- BERRYZ KOUBOU: kumi-taboo01, ayumi-sparkle20, ayumi-rule05, ayumi-rule08, ayumi-ladydynamite15, kudoshizuka20, hamasakiayumi17, kumi-kosokoso03, hamasakiayumi18, kumi-taboo02, kumi-kosokoso05, kumi-cutiehoney05
- Destiny's Wish: utada-darekanonegai01,utada-darekanonegai02
by Miki @ 04 Mar 2016 06:12 am
Update (New Decks): psycholecemu-with06, psycholecemu-with19, berryz-specialgeneration06, berryz-ps-seasonzwinter05, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3005, shimizusaki05, sudoumaasa05, tokunagachinami05, berryz-otonananoyo05
Update (BERRYZ KOUBOU): akb4803, silentsiren03, prismbox-happystarrestaurant09, silentsiren13, cyntia-returntomyself19, prizmmy-jumpindancin09, akb4817, momusu-doitnow06, momusu-doitnow08, prismbox-happystarrestaurant13, passepied-tokyocityunderground02, passepied-tokyocityunderground19
Update (Events): event-featuredartist18, event-layout09, event-1000decks
by Destiny @ 05 Mar 2016 05:41 am
Grabbing babymetal-megitsune04, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3005 from the new decks.

Btw, the new layout is fantastic!
by rite-aid @ 06 Mar 2016 02:24 pm
Update Freebies: event-featuredartist18, event-layout09, event-1000decks

New Decks: raphael-lostgraduation01, kagrra-naoki01, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3001, psycholecemu-with01, babymetal-megitsune01, fictionjunction-parallelhearts01, berryz-ps-seasonzwinter01, berryz-mottozuttoisshoniitakatta01, berryz-sayonarausotsukinowatashi01

Wish on a Wing: alicenine01, alicenine02

Wish on a Wing: baiser01, velveteden03, pierrot04, pierrot05, lycaon03, kagerou-shizumi01, kagerou-shizumi02, lycaon05, mucc02, baiser02, mejibray-avalon02, mucc04

by Eve @ 18 Mar 2016 04:51 am
New Decks (Feb 28th): sudoumaasa16, berryz-sayonarausotsukinowatashi15, berryz-otonananoyo12, tokunagachinami12, shimizusaki12, berryz-goldenchinatown14, berryz-specialgeneration19, berryz-mottozuttoisshoniitakatta11, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3008
by Emoly @ 22 Mar 2016 01:32 pm
Event Cards: event-featuredartist18, event-layout09, event-1000decks, event-feb16donator
Wish on a Wing - Destiny: psycholecemu-with01, psycholecemu-with02
Wish on a Wing - Mariko: bigbang-koewokikasete04, femm-wefloodthenight11, direngrey-toshiya10, direngrey-toshiya12, merry-violetharenchi05, zwei01, psycholecemu-yumekazaguruma07, femm-wefloodthenight12, psycholecemu-yumekazaguruma08, bigbang-koewokikasete05, merry-violetharenchi06, gesuotome-ryoukitekinakiss05
Feb 28 Decks: psycholecemu-with03, psycholecemu-with04, kagrra-naoki01, kagrra-naoki02, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3002, yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3003, berryz-specialgeneration08, sudoumaasa17
Donation Freebies: yuuya-ps-rockandreadvol3001

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